Time for some changes!!

I’ve been doing paper crafts for longer than I remember.  I love doing them.  I started out doing scrapbooks years ago and that was fun, but I got bored with that, so I moved on to making cards when I retired.  I love making them, but not sure the time and effort was appreciated.  Well about 2 years ago I got into make 3D things out of card stock.  I love it….in fact probably too much.

logo-1I discovered a fantastic company Dreaming Tree. I have created over 100 projects from them over the years and love them. The one thing I have noticed is all their projects are compatible with all cutting machines, but they seem to concentrate on the Cricut machines.  When I get their projects, I usually spend a few hours adjusting the project for my style of design to use with my Cameo.  So I’m going to show you in this section my finished projects and some tips on using their files with our Cameo’s.  Now I do not have the Cameo 4 at this time…but I do have the 2 and 3 so I will be concentrating on those.

I won’t be sharing any files here, but I will give you a direct link to order the project from them and use my tips to create it yourself.

If you have never heard of Dreaming Tree, be sure to check them out!!

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