Fun with distress inks and FREE Distress Ink Chart

Hi I hope you are having a great day and thanks for stopping by!

Over this past few months I have become a distress ink freak… Yep, I love them so much to do with them. My dear hubby has been wonderful about not letting me stop buying more and more and more.

I started in January purchasing all the mini distress ink pads and tins. I got them when they were on sale with JoAnn Fabrics.  When they came so many of them were dried up I didn’t get to enjoy the whole experience. I contact JoAnn’s and after about 1 month and a half they issued me come compensation for the problems.  I turned around and took that money and bought re-inkers from Simon Says Stamp.  I got 12 re-inkers the first time around.

Now have I had fun!

Thanks to Pintrest and You-Tube, I’ve been able to learn so many techniques.  Jennifer McQuire is one of my favorite people to learn new ideas from. But as you know we can never have enough supplies so I just had to have the rest of the re-inkers.  Then I saw how much I loved the creations people were doing with the Distress Stains.  I could just imagine telling my hubby I needed all 60 colors of distress stain. That wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

Then in my travels on Pintrest someone mentioned how she made her own stains.  So I did….I just needed some nice plastic spray bottles I found on Ebay and re-inkers.  They were inexpensive and I already had re-inkers to use.  I filled them 3/4 full with water and 1 dropper and a half with ink.  They turned out the perfect color and not too watered down. These bottles sprayed wonderfully for what I wanted to use them for. I saved a fortune!! Here are some card fronts I made with them.

Once I started to mix them together, I realized I need to create Labels for the bottles so I would know which color is which.  They work great and I keeps them on a shelf right next to my desk so I can grab them quickly!

As I started looking at my collection of Distress Ink Pad, Sprays, Markers etc. I realized I needed something to keep track of what I have and what I need.  I decided to create a PDF I could keep handy and refer to when I was adding to my collection or just looking for blending colors. When I finished, I thought I’ll bet there are a lot of others that
might find this very useful. It keeps track of each color.  You can record if you have the mini ink pad, large ink pad, re-inker, marker, spray, paint and even if you need to order more ink.  I’ve also left a column where you can put an actual stamped image so you can see the actual color. Please feel free to download a copy for yourself.


Well I hope you enjoyed learning about my fun with distress inks. I’ll be creating some new projects and ideas and add them later in the blog. Enjoy the distress ink chart. I’m sure you find it very handy!

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