Vinyl Layering – What was I thinking?

It is time for this Grandma to start thinking of Easter.  With 9 grandkids, I had better get started.

At Christmas I did Santa Plates for the kids to use for Santa’s Cookies, so I decided to do Easter Plates for the Easter Bunny.
Since I’m a Tole Painter and a Graphic Designer, I have trouble remembering how much fun it is to layer in vinyl.  I had a vision in my head of this adorable bunny holding an Easter egg. I designed the pattern in the Silhouette Software like I would if I was going to Tole Paint it. If I must say so myself, he looks adorable.
Once I had the design, it was time to get everything cut.
With the text being on a round circle shape, it uses a lot of vinyl, so that is where I fit all the dots.
I copy and paste different dots all over the vinyl to fill the spaces in the corners and the center. That way I have dots for other projects already cut when I want them. I do this for each color I’m cutting curved text or have spaces to fill.
This particular design has 8 colors/patterns of vinyl. The zig-zag/chevron pattern is pattern vinyl. I was able to use some scraps to do the ears, carrots, bunny muzzle and black face.
I kind of broke the rules and didn’t do register marks for each and every section. I did eye up some of the design.  I composed the rabbit first and it took about 40 minutes just to piece it all together. Then I followed up with the top text placed on the plate, then the bottom text centered on the plate.  Added in the carrots just for color, then placed the dots where ever and whatever color I chose.
Not counting the designing of this project, it took about 2 hour just for placement of everything on the plate.
If you would like the studio file for this, you can download it for free here.
Have fun with it, but it can be a little bit of a challenge.

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